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Tutorial: Varsity Sweater

1 Feb

  • Striped “Rugby” style shirt or other heavy cotton shirt
  • Sweatshirt and a coordinating t-shirt
  • Worn out fleece garment
  • A sweater or long sleeve tee that fits your child (to use as your pattern)
  • Scissors
  • Rotary Cutter (optional)
  • wonder under (optional)

  • Fold both your pattern garment as well as your striped shirt in half. You will need to tuck the sleeves of your pattern in as best you can.
  • Line both tops up at the fold. You can also line it up with the bottom but  it is not necessary to have a finished seam on the bottom. Pin pieces together.
  • Cut around your pattern piece leaving the appropriate seam allowance. Set aside.

  • Line the cuffs and tops of your sleeves up and pin. Then cut the bottom of your sleeve adjusting for your seam allowance.
  • Remove your pattern piece and lay the front or back of your shirt on the top of the sleeve. Cut at the arc.
  • Use the sleeve as your pattern for the other sleeve. Cut.

  • Take your t-shirt and cut off the bottom hem and the collar, cutting just above the seam.
  • Also with your t-shirt, measure 3/4″ to 1″ from the bottom and use your rotary cutter or scissors to cut a strip off. (this will be for your stripes on the sleeve so the width is totally up to you!)
  • Take your sweatshirt and cut off the bottom hem, cutting just above the seam.

  • Trace or draw your letter backwards on wonder under. Iron wonder under to a section of your old fleece. Cut out letter.

  • Fold the front of your garment in half, cut at a diagonal to make a V neck and then cut up the middle splitting your front in half.

  • Taking the hem from the t-shirt measure two pieces which are long enough to cover the inside edges of your shirt front.
  • Using the current seam as a guide, pin the hem to the shirt. Edge stitch on the wrong side.
  • Fold wrong sides of the “binding” together and pin. Edge stitch on the front making sure to catch the other side of the “binding” on the backside.

  • With right sides together, pin the front and back pieces together at the shoulders. Sew.
  • Open your garment so that both your front and back pieces are facing up. With right sides together pin your sleeves along the armholes. Sew.

  • Open your garment so that all pieces are facing up. Decide on the placement and length of your stripes. Cut, pin, and sew in place. (I used ribbon but would recommend jersey- this will make it a little more boy friendly and I also think generally it will look better. Personally I would leave the edges unfinished – but feel free to cut your strips wider and hem prior to sewing onto your sleeve)

  • With right sides together, pin the bottoms of the sleeves and the sides of the top. Sew.

  • Turn your garment right sides out and either pin or iron on your letter. Edge stitch around your applique.

  • Pin the t-shirt collar all the way around your own neckline. You will use this similarly to how you used the t-shirt hems. Sew.
  • Fold over and pin. Sew.

  • I forgot to take photos of this last step, but essentially I just used the bottom hem of the sweatshirt as the bottom of the varsity sweater. I started out aiming to do this like I had just done the collar but when I added it and trimmed it closer to the seam I decided I liked the rolled look it gave at the bottom.
  • Also, as a note… if you don’t have a coordinating sweatshirt on hand, no big deal. It just happens to be what I had handy. You could also use your rotary cutter/scissors to cut another strip from your t-shirt and make your bottom edge out of that. Be resourceful!

You’re done! And your little one (boy or girl) will look amazing in their Varsity Sweater!

Note: My methods aren’t precise and most of my creations come together pretty organically, so please be kind. I hope that my sharing will help spark the creation of something even better! I’d love to see what you create!