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Quick Change Of Heart

6 Feb

Two weeks ago on Project Run and Play the theme was “Adult Inspired Designs”. I had it on my to do list (aka, my wish list) to submit a reader submission because my inspiration files are bulging with adult outfits to be translated for little ones. Well, lets just say that whole hours in a day thing doesn’t always work in my favor.

I did pick a super easy design to whip up, and,  I did finish it.  I just didn’t get it done until this morning.

This is the Modcloth inspiration:

I used an old grey hooded wrap that was in my donate/remake pile. It actually had a similar hem on the bottom so I used a t-shirt that fits Mckinley well as a basic pattern and extended the body of the shirt down to a dress/tunic length. I also used the t-shirt as the guide for my sleeves as I wanted them long to better accommodate our midwest weather. I had bought some red/white/light pink striped jersey fabric a while ago for less than $1 a yard. I immediately thought “Valentine’s Day” but to stand alone it would have needed to be lined. Instead of making it the main attraction for an outfit I drew a heart, cut it out and then pinned.  I sewed along every stripe and then around the outside because  I wanted to secure it and also liked the look that provided. I then sewed the front and back together at the shoulders, sewed the sleeves in and sewed down the sides. Because of the fabrics, I chose to leave the neckline unfinished so that the jersey would begin to have a rolled edge. Thats it. I really didn’t take pictures of the progress, but here is the finished look:

This was probably only a 45 minute project had I done it in one sitting. And… absolutely zero dollars. Love that.

You still have time! Whip up a little change of heart dress for your little one to wear for Valentine’s festivities. Wouldn’t it be adorable in an off-white with a grey jersey heart?

And as a side note, does anyone else feel like their to-do list is a wish list?

Update: Here is the dress in action: