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Thank You!!!!

28 Feb

Thanks to the amazing Shwin’s for hosting Project Toddler Runway and to everyone for supporting all of us and voting! I’ve really enjoyed this process so much, from getting to know the other ladies to really stepping out and challenging myself to do this entire contest with my own designs and making my own patterns (something I had never done prior) – its just been so fun!

I’m in meetings this week for work and won’t have much time to post but I really didn’t want to let too much time go by without saying THANK YOU!!

Please, if you haven’t already, go browse the Project Toddler Runway archives  at Shwin & Shwin. All of the designers are amazing and offer so much inspiration!


The Denim Challenge

7 Feb

Last week for Project Toddler Runway our challenge was to use/be inspired by denim. I really wanted to take denim to a different level and also do something unique for this challenge. After some brainstorming and a conversation with “Awesome Stacy” the whole ballgown idea came in to effect. This project is actually pretty simple overall. Its all about finding the right weight denim to get the “wrinkling” that you want. For the challenge I wanted the dress to be a little dramatic, but this same technique could be used to make a tunic, a skirt, or a shorter dress for your little one. I’ll post soon about the exact denim I used (I had been hanging on to this for awhile but it is still available at Hancock Fabrics) and also give a quick overview of the process I used. For now here are the shots submitted to Shwin & Shwin:



And here is the quick blurb:

I love versatility. Denim goes from day to night and work to play. Its age appropriate…at every age.  Its been there, done that (and through every decade) but willing to do it again and again and again. Trust me, denim wakes up in the morning and says “I’m going to make people look and feel awesome today” and then it follows through on its promise. So denim is amazing, and a denim challenge? A little bit intimidating. Its the truth. It’s serious business. But all that pressure brought to existence the Gala-Vanting Dress. Just add sparkly flats and a cropped cardi and its fit for a gala or throw on some Chuck Taylor’s and a baseball cap and roam around…well, galavanting. Its made of a heavy denim that I washed out to create some fading and then let air dry for the character. The straps and the belt infuse some bright coral and citron making the dress fun and Spring 2011 ready. The little one and I are in love. Denim does it again.

Midweek Muse: RL Rugby

2 Feb

Why yes, I can brave the snow -- with this bag.

Speak of inspired by boy... this is perfection.

And this my friends is totally going to be DIYed for my little miss

With it being the Denim Challenge for Project Toddler Runway and all - this was a must share.

All images found at the RL Rugby Style blog, here.

My Feathers Are Ruffled

23 Jan

So – week three of Project Toddler Runway has come to a close. I’m a little sad about this one. But before I tell you why my feathers are actually ruffled – here’s the look I created:

It had several mishaps along the way (which I will share more about one day) but I absolutely love the evolution and the way it turned out. I actually had to photograph it, enter it, and then wrap it up as a gift for a friend’s little one’s birthday. They loved it and it really held its own in the competition this weekend which had me grinning so big people didn’t know what was going on. The end of the weekend set me back quite a bit but none the less I feel like my outfit was well recieved… by the WWW, and the new owner, little miss two year old Emma Marie.

But here is the deal, my little bit of pout in all of this excitement – my favorite this week? This one:

I mean people – its an adorable dress with a REMOVABLE feather skirt. And an adorable hair piece. I’m not sure who designed this yet but I’m so upset that they are “going home”. Bleh. I’d be sad about any of these amazing ladies leaving – and any of the designs this week since they were all fantastic…but this one? Just call me shocked.

Okay – back to happy stuff. I am stoked for next week’s challenge and I can’t wait to see what other designs result. I’m sure my to do list will grow and my jaw will totally drop next Friday when the projects are posted.

Not So Much A Photo Opp

14 Jan

So for week one of Project Toddler Runway I invited two toddlers to my house.

First, this fancy girl, Charli:

She was this happy a lot of the time, but she spent part of the time not wanting to “model”:

I know – still adorable.

Anyway, I had some grand imagined idea of this perfect photo shoot where kids cooperate and the result is one perfect crew-cuts-esque shot. So in my enthusiasm I made some coordinating accessories and invited this little guy, Grayson:

So his tie matched the flower on the jacket and I made some “leggings” to go with the blazer  in the same material as the thermal. But Charli wore the leg deals for about 2.1 minutes (and later, Mckinley wouldn’t wear them at all):

Oh – I’m looking back laughing at myself now. Why? Because I also pulled up an old bookshelf, old books, a chalkboard, and wire baskets from the basement… it was going to be mag cover worthy, I just knew it.

But what it was – hilarious.

We got plenty of sass:

a little bit of sneaky:

and when Mckinley got home, we got some dancing:

my favorite shot:

Thanks to Katherine for taking the shots and to Charli, Grayson, and Mckinley for being toddlers.xo.

Where Do You Go?

6 Jan

Where do you find yourself drawn to for inspiration? I’ve been taking a little more note of my inspiration pile up as Project Toddler Runway gets started.
There are a few places that I frequent and usually don’t escape the site without atleast 3 new things dragged to my iPhoto or noted in my Google Reader:
1.  The Sartorialist  with amazing photography and a different perspective, this site keeps my wheels turning. Its also a “quick read” as the title and the photo do all the talking and there is very little commentary. It’s also listed as one of Time Magazine’s Top 100 Design Influencers so apparently I’m not alone in looking here for my next idea!
2.  J. Crew  I’m assuming this needs no introduction. I should preface this by saying that I wish I owned all old school J.Crew catalogs because although I still love what they are doing (see below) I also adore the old preppy beachy era. Thats where my heart lives…on a preppy beach. That said here are some things that are oh so inspiring right now:

3.   Boden – a whole category for tunics? Yes please! Boden is bold and colorful and has some pretty adorable kid and baby clothes. Consider this my happy place.
4.   Burdastyle – this worldwide sewing community just blows my mind. The tutorials, the portfolios, the contests. Its almost as good as starbucks when you need a boost.
5.  My Google Reader – because there are so many super creative, fashionable bloggers that inspire me everyday. Thats right, you. and you. and you. and all of you. You’re AMAZING!

So, where do you go? Does your heart live on a preppy beach too?

Make It Work!

16 Dec

I am beyone elated. In fact I’ve been pretty giddy since recieving the email yesterday and now that its posted it feels super official. I MADE THE TOP 15! Shwin & Shwin is holding an 8 week challenge called Project Toddler Runway and I am a finalist. Yay!!
Voting is now open so please go vote for my Kimono dress! xo