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PTR Top 8 – Barely!

10 Jan

Whew! That was a close call! AMAZING first week entries…I tell you- I am so inspired and impressed by all of them. Not sure how long I can hang with these ladies but I’m hard at work on week 2’s challenge , can’t wait to share it!

Even with my envy of the other projects submitted this week I really love my Prep blazer and how it looks on Mckinley:

I am working on a tutorial (my first ever!) to share soon. The great thing about this project is that it is totally girl/ boy friendly so you mama’s of little men will hopefully be able to get some use out of this one. I’m aiming to have this up by the weekend!




Oh Deer Me.

3 Jan

This is a little pajama vibe outfit I finished THE DAY one of my greatest friends went into labor. Nothing like projects under pressure! I started this awhile back and attempted to make three sets. One for Isla, one for Lydia, and one for my very own Mckinley Zane. Can you guess which one didn’t get completed??

The basic shape of the  pants is from a Made by Rae pattern and the deer I just freehanded based on that cute reindeer that was on the Target runner and pillows this season.

Update- Isla wore the onesie in her hospital photos, here she is showing it off:

Before Lydia There Was Alice (Part 2)

14 Dec

Before we get started.

To further explain my friend Stacy’s awesomeness (if you don’t know the type of awesome I’m speaking of, catch up here) Exhibit B- the adorable hedgehog onesie she made for my daughter:

BTW -this kid cracks me up – she totally needed this hedgehog onesie.

But thats not the point.

The point is that we had an Alice in Wonderland baby shower to throw and it needed to be amazing in all ways. Once the planning is done for the cake, food, drinks, and decor side of things…what in the world do you do? You start staying up until all hours of the night finishing gifts! Of. Course.

First up – it was time to make a little stuffie. Not  just any cutesy stuffed animal though, a cat turned Cheshire. When Mckinley was born I made her a stuffed cat from Amy Butler’s Little Stitches for Little One’s. I decided to adapt that pattern and with the help of some dyed striped fabric and embroidery floss I came up with the perfect Alice appropriate gift.

The next item on my list was a boppy cover. I consider extras of these a necessity so I wanted to give something somewhat practical. Its been a while but I’m pretty sure I used this tutorial. Before I sewed the pieces together I ironed/sewed on a free handed letter L and a little traced image of a girl in a teacup.

There was one more shower gift that wasn’t Alice related at all. It had to do with the second most important thing to Stacy and Paul – their daschunds. I made the infamous itty bitty dress from Made by Rae and turned it into a bit of a Winston, Jackson, and Patton tribute. The inside graphic is just an iron on transfer. A fun and easy way to personalize a gift!

The banner I made for decor ended up being a present too because the Lydia portion is hanging up in her room. This was such a fun shower to be a part of ; to jump ahead a tad, this little girl was worth all hours of my missed sleep (and I know her mom feels the same way about the hours she has given up these last 6 months). She’s a doll I tell you. This is the little one that is now 6 months old (yes — thats how behind I am!!).

Who’s on First?

23 Apr

The first quarter of the year has been full of several big ‘firsts’. Three of them.

Meet Emma, Benjamin, and Dillon.



Since three of our pals had babies within a few months of Mckinley last year, we obviously had three 1st birthdays to celebrate! Amazing how time flies and that Mckinley herself will be a year old in just a month.

One of the exciting things about the timing of these birthdays is that it coincided with my New Year’s Resolution to get back to my sewing adventures by completing at least one project a month. Four months into the year I can tell you that these 1st birthday gifts (along with a baby shower bash you will hear more about soon) really got my enthusiasm going.

Seeing the results began with this dress for Emma which I crafted out of an old jersey dress of mine. I simply used another dress as a loose pattern and then did some applique and added a ribbon belt. January. Check.


In February I flew into New Orleans, rented a car, and drove to Mobile, AL, and then drove back and flew back all in two days. I did this because my best friend, who is also a vegetarian (that will become important information in a moment), had a baby boy who was turning 1. Yes, thats just what best friends do. But they also make these pants to mock celebrate said friend.

These were made using this tutorial from kojo designs. And I loved them so much for their adorableness and simplicity that I also made this set for the birthday boy (and yes I was true to myself and waited to finish them like the night before flying out).



When March rolled around and I was by far surpassing my New Year’s goal of one project a month (I completed some others in this time-frame that I’m sure will get mentioned soon enough) I figured it was time to venture away from t-shirt pants for the next little man who was about to have a milestone. I knew when I saw this tutorial for a Cozy Car Caddy from Homemade by Jill that I really couldn’t resist. And my husband’s instant enthusiasm for wanting to pick out the cars was adorable. Done. (And then of course Jay procrastinated, I got antsy and ended up buying the cars myself. I think he was pretty heart broken and proceeded to give me a doubtful look when I said I was pretty sure I could pick out cool cars too.)

Here’s to all those happy ‘firsts’ in life…

Bringing it to the Table

17 Apr

About the time we started working on the house we also started looking for a dining room table that would fit our dining area and our future needs. We looked everywhere. Furniture stores, big box retailers, antique dealers, and Craigslist. All of this searching was for not until we ran across one that not only looked like what I wanted but really left us with nothing to lose. It wasn’t quite free, but, for a table, a hutch, 2 table leaves, and 6 chairs it was pretty close ringing in at $50 out the door.

Now when I say its what I wanted I mean it had good bones; as you can see below it wasn’t quite the style I had in mind for my casa’s decor.

One nice fall weekend the plan went into motion and the chairs got sanded and primed. Unfortunately, that nice fall weekend was followed by a never ending winter and the chairs got moved to the basement. Months later I got re-motivated and the chairs were finally finished with three coats of paint and a poly coating. Nothing at the fabric store  fit my vision for what I wanted for the seats but I knew Target had a few lines out that were exactly the color palettes I was going for. Upon strolling up and down a few aisles the perfect fabric appeared… in the form of a shower curtain. Ta-da!

A Hot Mess Makes Progress

2 Dec

Tonight I made a small stride in the right direction for the future of our living room. Yes, when I say small I mean tiny, as in, I organized the desk. (You may not believe it, but this is indeed something to jump up and down about). Here is the masterpiece.

Notice, still no curtains. The good news is that a trip to Minneapolis and Ikea is on the agenda this weekend so thats one problem that just might get solved. And there is more good news. Once I got in the living room I started rearranging furniture, pulling out fabric swatches, and wanting so badly to escape to the basement and watch Glee. I tried to focus but it wasn’t until I threatened myself with no more Puck or Shu without some progress that, magically, a plan began to emerge.

Here is a sneak peak at what is to come.