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Midweek Muse: Polyvore

9 Mar

You know how the saying goes “write what you know”? Well, all I really ‘know’ right now are extreme cases of writer’s block and sleep deprivation. Enter Polyvore. Polyvore is great to browse because its fashion at all price points and it allows me to see things I might not be exposed to otherwise. Sometimes I just go and browse or search to see what comes up but for today’s Midweek Muse I thought I’d use their features to put together two “looks” that glamorize my current state of mind. Basically two looks that would make me feel fantastic even if I can’t write or sleep to save my life. 

writer's block
sleep deprived


When I can’t write, I like to sketch; so I love this little orange book and colored pencils. I also want to immediately go buy those little Betsey Johnson bird earrings! And DIY that top and pants. Basically I wouldn’t have put it on this little inspiration board if I wasn’t totally dreaming of owning it so you get the point. Even the chair. I want it. All that’s missing is an unlimited supply of Starbucks.

When I’ve been without adequate hours of sleep I like to be comfy yet cool. I also want a big bag because its likely I will not have the clarity of mind to edit down what I am taking with me (and lets not make the day any worse by forgetting something). And even though they aren’t really inspirational, I must have mascara and lipgloss to keep from looking as tired as I’m feeling.

It’s kind of fun to find things that cost like $900 and make a plan to whip them  up for next to nothing! A little warning though – its addicting. Anybody else find that you could spend hours on this site? Have you used Polyvore for inspiration in the past?


Midweek Muse: RL Rugby

2 Feb

Why yes, I can brave the snow -- with this bag.

Speak of inspired by boy... this is perfection.

And this my friends is totally going to be DIYed for my little miss

With it being the Denim Challenge for Project Toddler Runway and all - this was a must share.

All images found at the RL Rugby Style blog, here.