4 May

I’m that girl. You know her (maybe pretty personally). The one that bites off more than she can chew and never really learns a lesson from it. Its kind of  like a curse, but a little bit more on the side of awesome rather than creepy.

I love having a million things going on and I love having that many and more ideas spinning in my head at any given time. What I don’t love is that there are not a million hours in the day to match.

And yes, this is “the dog ate my homework” version of my bloggy absenteeism.

So, what exactly is consuming the measly 24 hours in each of my days? Well, there is, in order of importance, the hubs and the almost two year old, other family stuff, sleep (I know most of you don’t believe I count sleep as important — more on that soon), the pays the bills work, some other projects I’m helping out on, and then, when I have time, the big basement sewing room and den makeover. Thats where my used to be sewing and crafting and blogging time has gone. Oh yes and some of it went to the sleep category. I’m hoping to get some of it back soon;  in the meantime here is a peak at my mood board for the basement… xo!


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