The Denim Challenge

7 Feb

Last week for Project Toddler Runway our challenge was to use/be inspired by denim. I really wanted to take denim to a different level and also do something unique for this challenge. After some brainstorming and a conversation with “Awesome Stacy” the whole ballgown idea came in to effect. This project is actually pretty simple overall. Its all about finding the right weight denim to get the “wrinkling” that you want. For the challenge I wanted the dress to be a little dramatic, but this same technique could be used to make a tunic, a skirt, or a shorter dress for your little one. I’ll post soon about the exact denim I used (I had been hanging on to this for awhile but it is still available at Hancock Fabrics) and also give a quick overview of the process I used. For now here are the shots submitted to Shwin & Shwin:



And here is the quick blurb:

I love versatility. Denim goes from day to night and work to play. Its age appropriate…at every age.  Its been there, done that (and through every decade) but willing to do it again and again and again. Trust me, denim wakes up in the morning and says “I’m going to make people look and feel awesome today” and then it follows through on its promise. So denim is amazing, and a denim challenge? A little bit intimidating. Its the truth. It’s serious business. But all that pressure brought to existence the Gala-Vanting Dress. Just add sparkly flats and a cropped cardi and its fit for a gala or throw on some Chuck Taylor’s and a baseball cap and roam around…well, galavanting. Its made of a heavy denim that I washed out to create some fading and then let air dry for the character. The straps and the belt infuse some bright coral and citron making the dress fun and Spring 2011 ready. The little one and I are in love. Denim does it again.


One Response to “The Denim Challenge”

  1. Stephanie February 13, 2011 at 9:22 pm #

    Okay, so I was just over at the Project Toddler Runway and I have to say that after doing some research, I now know that you have to be the one that created the Saylorville outfit. When reading the description, I was like there can only be one Saylorville Lake, and then I did some research of the designers and saw that you moved from Florida to the midwest, never saying where, but I know where! I’m a seamstress with a 2.5 year old little girl living in the same area! I love your work too!

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