Not So Much A Photo Opp

14 Jan

So for week one of Project Toddler Runway I invited two toddlers to my house.

First, this fancy girl, Charli:

She was this happy a lot of the time, but she spent part of the time not wanting to “model”:

I know – still adorable.

Anyway, I had some grand imagined idea of this perfect photo shoot where kids cooperate and the result is one perfect crew-cuts-esque shot. So in my enthusiasm I made some coordinating accessories and invited this little guy, Grayson:

So his tie matched the flower on the jacket and I made some “leggings” to go with the blazer  in the same material as the thermal. But Charli wore the leg deals for about 2.1 minutes (and later, Mckinley wouldn’t wear them at all):

Oh – I’m looking back laughing at myself now. Why? Because I also pulled up an old bookshelf, old books, a chalkboard, and wire baskets from the basement… it was going to be mag cover worthy, I just knew it.

But what it was – hilarious.

We got plenty of sass:

a little bit of sneaky:

and when Mckinley got home, we got some dancing:

my favorite shot:

Thanks to Katherine for taking the shots and to Charli, Grayson, and Mckinley for being toddlers.xo.


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