Where Do You Go?

6 Jan

Where do you find yourself drawn to for inspiration? I’ve been taking a little more note of my inspiration pile up as Project Toddler Runway gets started.
There are a few places that I frequent and usually don’t escape the site without atleast 3 new things dragged to my iPhoto or noted in my Google Reader:
1.  The Sartorialist  with amazing photography and a different perspective, this site keeps my wheels turning. Its also a “quick read” as the title and the photo do all the talking and there is very little commentary. It’s also listed as one of Time Magazine’s Top 100 Design Influencers so apparently I’m not alone in looking here for my next idea!
2.  J. Crew  I’m assuming this needs no introduction. I should preface this by saying that I wish I owned all old school J.Crew catalogs because although I still love what they are doing (see below) I also adore the old preppy beachy era. Thats where my heart lives…on a preppy beach. That said here are some things that are oh so inspiring right now:

3.   Boden – a whole category for tunics? Yes please! Boden is bold and colorful and has some pretty adorable kid and baby clothes. Consider this my happy place.
4.   Burdastyle – this worldwide sewing community just blows my mind. The tutorials, the portfolios, the contests. Its almost as good as starbucks when you need a boost.
5.  My Google Reader – because there are so many super creative, fashionable bloggers that inspire me everyday. Thats right, you. and you. and you. and all of you. You’re AMAZING!

So, where do you go? Does your heart live on a preppy beach too?


One Response to “Where Do You Go?”

  1. Camille January 7, 2011 at 9:45 am #

    My heart also lives on a preppy beach! I am disappointed at the sharp uptick in JCrew’s price points. They think a lot of themselves these days.

    I love browsing my Flickr groups for inspiration from fellow sewers – I am always amazed at the professional-caliber design coming from people like me at home sewing in the middle of the night.

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