Before Lydia There Was Alice (Part 2)

14 Dec

Before we get started.

To further explain my friend Stacy’s awesomeness (if you don’t know the type of awesome I’m speaking of, catch up here) Exhibit B- the adorable hedgehog onesie she made for my daughter:

BTW -this kid cracks me up – she totally needed this hedgehog onesie.

But thats not the point.

The point is that we had an Alice in Wonderland baby shower to throw and it needed to be amazing in all ways. Once the planning is done for the cake, food, drinks, and decor side of things…what in the world do you do? You start staying up until all hours of the night finishing gifts! Of. Course.

First up – it was time to make a little stuffie. Not  just any cutesy stuffed animal though, a cat turned Cheshire. When Mckinley was born I made her a stuffed cat from Amy Butler’s Little Stitches for Little One’s. I decided to adapt that pattern and with the help of some dyed striped fabric and embroidery floss I came up with the perfect Alice appropriate gift.

The next item on my list was a boppy cover. I consider extras of these a necessity so I wanted to give something somewhat practical. Its been a while but I’m pretty sure I used this tutorial. Before I sewed the pieces together I ironed/sewed on a free handed letter L and a little traced image of a girl in a teacup.

There was one more shower gift that wasn’t Alice related at all. It had to do with the second most important thing to Stacy and Paul – their daschunds. I made the infamous itty bitty dress from Made by Rae and turned it into a bit of a Winston, Jackson, and Patton tribute. The inside graphic is just an iron on transfer. A fun and easy way to personalize a gift!

The banner I made for decor ended up being a present too because the Lydia portion is hanging up in her room. This was such a fun shower to be a part of ; to jump ahead a tad, this little girl was worth all hours of my missed sleep (and I know her mom feels the same way about the hours she has given up these last 6 months). She’s a doll I tell you. This is the little one that is now 6 months old (yes — thats how behind I am!!).


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