Before Lydia There Was Alice (Part 1)

7 Dec

I have a friend named Stacy. And well, she’s awesome. And her husband Paul? Awesome. So when we found out they were expecting a baby girl the odds were pretty good that the kid was going to be insanely, you guessed it, awesome.

Exhibit A: Stacy’s Mood Board for the baby’s nursery:

(you can catch up on how the nursery came together here, here, here, here, here, and here.)

Here is a little glimpse into what type of shower gets thrown when that amount of keeping up with the coolness factor is barreling down on some people (Courtney, Traci, and myself to be exact).

First lets take a look at the invitations (a collaborative effort):

And on to the cake (Traci):

Then the food & drinks (Courtney):

And because I am absolutely no help with baking anything or coming up with delicious drink ideas  my contributions came in the form of decor (the little embroidered signs say “eat me” and “drink me”:

Doesn’t it look like fun? It was.

The other half of this story is full of some wonderland-y and personalized gifts, so look for that later this week.


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