Who’s on First?

23 Apr

The first quarter of the year has been full of several big ‘firsts’. Three of them.

Meet Emma, Benjamin, and Dillon.



Since three of our pals had babies within a few months of Mckinley last year, we obviously had three 1st birthdays to celebrate! Amazing how time flies and that Mckinley herself will be a year old in just a month.

One of the exciting things about the timing of these birthdays is that it coincided with my New Year’s Resolution to get back to my sewing adventures by completing at least one project a month. Four months into the year I can tell you that these 1st birthday gifts (along with a baby shower bash you will hear more about soon) really got my enthusiasm going.

Seeing the results began with this dress for Emma which I crafted out of an old jersey dress of mine. I simply used another dress as a loose pattern and then did some applique and added a ribbon belt. January. Check.


In February I flew into New Orleans, rented a car, and drove to Mobile, AL, and then drove back and flew back all in two days. I did this because my best friend, who is also a vegetarian (that will become important information in a moment), had a baby boy who was turning 1. Yes, thats just what best friends do. But they also make these pants to mock celebrate said friend.

These were made using this tutorial from kojo designs. And I loved them so much for their adorableness and simplicity that I also made this set for the birthday boy (and yes I was true to myself and waited to finish them like the night before flying out).



When March rolled around and I was by far surpassing my New Year’s goal of one project a month (I completed some others in this time-frame that I’m sure will get mentioned soon enough) I figured it was time to venture away from t-shirt pants for the next little man who was about to have a milestone. I knew when I saw this tutorial for a Cozy Car Caddy from Homemade by Jill that I really couldn’t resist. And my husband’s instant enthusiasm for wanting to pick out the cars was adorable. Done. (And then of course Jay procrastinated, I got antsy and ended up buying the cars myself. I think he was pretty heart broken and proceeded to give me a doubtful look when I said I was pretty sure I could pick out cool cars too.)

Here’s to all those happy ‘firsts’ in life…


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