To Project Runway with Love

23 Apr

Dear Project Runway,
I am so sorry that you are over for the season.
The creative inspiration and the officialness of Thursday craft night I will miss.
If I never see another geometric black and white garment I will be more than satisfied.
For my birthday I am requesting a special ringtone, entitled: compilation of things that came out of Anthony’s mouth this season.
I found about 2/3 of the models terrifying.
I don’t think hearing “Make it work.” will ever get old.
Seth Aaron totally rocked the runway show and I want that flowy dress in my closet.
I hope Lex from My Mama Made It is on the next season.

…and that the models get their sketch in check.

Auf Wiedersehen PR!

Image found here.

One Response to “To Project Runway with Love”

  1. Alexis Meschi April 23, 2010 at 9:09 am #

    You are WAY TOO KIND! How sweet of you. I’m truly flattered 🙂

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