What Say You About These Windows With A View?

29 Nov

Yes, they are in fact windows with a good view out. And, unfortunately, a good view in.

Our living room windows have  me perplexed you might say. They look a little something like this (actually they look exactly like this):

There is a very large picture window which is the focal point of the living area and also a side window. The picture window has two smaller panels on each side where the panes open but the middle of the glass does not. Additionally, both windows have a heater under them that I was advised not to cover up. So although I think long fabric curtain panels would still be okay I was originally trying to avoid that.

I have considered incorporating the Ikea KVARTAL sliding panels into this but I am still not sure. I haven’t yet figured out exactly how many panels that solution might warrant and also Ikea isn’t easily accessible which would make it a little more difficult should it not work and a return need to be made.

Any thoughts on what to do to this massive window and its counterpart? Has anyone tackled a window treatment project lately and loving or hating it? Any reviews out there on the KVARTAL panel curtain system from Ikea? I want to hear your ideas!


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