4 May

I’m that girl. You know her (maybe pretty personally). The one that bites off more than she can chew and never really learns a lesson from it. Its kind of  like a curse, but a little bit more on the side of awesome rather than creepy.

I love having a million things going on and I love having that many and more ideas spinning in my head at any given time. What I don’t love is that there are not a million hours in the day to match.

And yes, this is “the dog ate my homework” version of my bloggy absenteeism.

So, what exactly is consuming the measly 24 hours in each of my days? Well, there is, in order of importance, the hubs and the almost two year old, other family stuff, sleep (I know most of you don’t believe I count sleep as important — more on that soon), the pays the bills work, some other projects I’m helping out on, and then, when I have time, the big basement sewing room and den makeover. Thats where my used to be sewing and crafting and blogging time has gone. Oh yes and some of it went to the sleep category. I’m hoping to get some of it back soon;  in the meantime here is a peak at my mood board for the basement… xo!


Midweek Muse: Polyvore

9 Mar

You know how the saying goes “write what you know”? Well, all I really ‘know’ right now are extreme cases of writer’s block and sleep deprivation. Enter Polyvore. Polyvore is great to browse because its fashion at all price points and it allows me to see things I might not be exposed to otherwise. Sometimes I just go and browse or search to see what comes up but for today’s Midweek Muse I thought I’d use their features to put together two “looks” that glamorize my current state of mind. Basically two looks that would make me feel fantastic even if I can’t write or sleep to save my life. 

writer's block
sleep deprived


When I can’t write, I like to sketch; so I love this little orange book and colored pencils. I also want to immediately go buy those little Betsey Johnson bird earrings! And DIY that top and pants. Basically I wouldn’t have put it on this little inspiration board if I wasn’t totally dreaming of owning it so you get the point. Even the chair. I want it. All that’s missing is an unlimited supply of Starbucks.

When I’ve been without adequate hours of sleep I like to be comfy yet cool. I also want a big bag because its likely I will not have the clarity of mind to edit down what I am taking with me (and lets not make the day any worse by forgetting something). And even though they aren’t really inspirational, I must have mascara and lipgloss to keep from looking as tired as I’m feeling.

It’s kind of fun to find things that cost like $900 and make a plan to whip them  up for next to nothing! A little warning though – its addicting. Anybody else find that you could spend hours on this site? Have you used Polyvore for inspiration in the past?

Thank You!!!!

28 Feb

Thanks to the amazing Shwin’s for hosting Project Toddler Runway and to everyone for supporting all of us and voting! I’ve really enjoyed this process so much, from getting to know the other ladies to really stepping out and challenging myself to do this entire contest with my own designs and making my own patterns (something I had never done prior) – its just been so fun!

I’m in meetings this week for work and won’t have much time to post but I really didn’t want to let too much time go by without saying THANK YOU!!

Please, if you haven’t already, go browse the Project Toddler Runway archives  at Shwin & Shwin. All of the designers are amazing and offer so much inspiration!

Midweek Muse: Pinterest

23 Feb

Have you been there yet? Hurry up! Go request an invite!

I love my iPhoto and Google Reader for storing and tagging inspiration but Pinterest is my new front runner for organizing those internet snips. Not only can I be inspired by other people’s pins but mine get posted with all of the back up information I may need at a later date. Love it.

This midweek update is short because I’m fighting the baddest,meanest cold I’ve ever met (thank you daycare) and also agonizing over the fact that I’ve been feeling too cruddy to wrap up the last few details of my final Project Toddler Runway looks. Nothing like a deadline to move healing along. I’ve still got a sailor pants tutorial coming your way and a tie-waist short tutorial not far behind it.

Hope you’re having a great week!


Midweek Muse : BHLDN

16 Feb

I LOVE the top of this dress!

Oh the difference a trim makes.

I think I just got the urge to sew up a few headbands...

Who can't pass up a good Nautical accessory -- this girl.

And there is more (and more and more and more) waiting for you over at BHLDN.

Incidentally, I want to have another wedding (to my same husband) or just a really big fancy party (with my same friends + Nate Berkus and Oprah). Or just a million dollars so I can justify wearing one of these fancies for no reason at all. Point is – go get your mid week pick me up at this new site with anthro roots – and maybe you’ll be sewing headbands faster than you can say gypsy too. Anybody with me?

Where It’s At – PTR Update

15 Feb

So Project Toddler Runway is coming to a close and its been both inspiring and tiring!  Lets be honest, its not really the competition thats wearing me out – its my full time work and my 20 month old! This is really an exercise in doing something for me and the late nights are totally worth it! (And husband, if you’re reading this – your cleaning and cooking and patience has been greatly appreciated!!)

Hopefully you’ll enjoy the tutorials as they come (and they are coming – slowly but surely). I hope these tutes for my PTR creation are a little something I can give back. You all seriously keep my ‘to make’ list busting at the seams and I love you for it.

This week I started with the idea of going full fledged back to my roots – I had in mind boardshorts and a hoodie but then decided I didn’t really have a boy to design for. It then turned into a board skirt made from my husbands old boardshorts; so that turned out cute and I’ll show you that look sometime soon. However, as I really thought about where I was going with the challenge, the new concept popped into my mind about how ecstatic I am that my daughter will have a chance to enjoy at least a sliver of the experiences that I did on the water. So when it was all wrapped up this was the Saylorville ensemble:

I had to do a second version of the Sailor pants in order to get the tutorial tweaked so that will be coming later this week. The new pants are laying on the floor beside me waiting for the finishing touches- but tonight the Mac won out over Bernina. (Psst, don’t tell anyone, but its actually my comfy chair that won.)

Last week was the design with meaning challenge and really all of the projects were super impressive and touching. Here is a quick recap on what I loved about each one:

Shanna from Celebrate the Madness came out on top this week with Daddy’s Little Patriot. I love this for a few reasons – one being that my husband is a Marine and two being that a safari style dress is so up my alley. Oh and there is three – which is that apparently Shanna and I were on the same wavelength with the whole anchor thing.  Just like me and Bree with our Varsity Sweaters a few weeks back. Congratulations Shanna on the win! Its adorable and I’m sure your husband appreciated the little tribute as well.

Jenn from A Jennuine Life had what I certainly thought was the most in line with the challenge and the most unique idea for the challenge by far. Hers was the Every Occasion Dress which is a dress with aprons that can be switched out. It was cute and was based on a dress her own grandmother had made her when she was little. I just was touched by the concept. Jenn has been a powerhouse in this competition (her designs were my personal favorite weeks 1, 2, and was a pretty close tie in my book to Bree in week 4).  I’m really bummed that she “went home” because I know her final looks would have been insanely inspiring and original. Also – Jenn is contemplating a giveaway of her amazing dress so go let her know you’d love to enter said giveaway!

Our third finals contender is Chelsea from Creative Mommas, who was also the winner last week with her fabulous Goody Two Shoes dress. Chelsea’s t-shirts this week were awesome because she was working with what she had. With piled up snow (which I know all too well) she made it work with t-shirts, fabric dye, and paint. She dyed shirts, reconstructed them, and then freezer paper stenciled the name of three special places to her and her husband. I loved this because she overcame – and also, who can resist that sweet sentiment. So Valentine’s week appropriate! Congrats on top 3 Chelsea! You and your sister have a fabulous blog, its on my google feed and I’m so impressed by the amount of creativity that gets cranked out!

So thats the update and in about a week and a half you’ll get to see the final looks on the virtual runway. Stay tuned!

Midweek Muse: Oxfords

9 Feb
J Crew
Jeffrey Campbell

All photos found on Polyvore